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Betfair has been launched in June 2000. In November 2006 Betfair launched their own poker system. Before they do that, they worked together with CryptoLogic inc. on their poker system. In 2006 Betfair Casino introduced its "Zero lounge – where the house has no edge". During 2006 Betfair started automated Moneybookers in payments. Betfair have the best rating from SBR. Another review of Betfair can be found by clicking on the link.


Betfair is now the biggest betting exchange world-wide! Betfair a lot of time offers the biggest payout on the market and it is one of the best choice for creating sure bets! They offer live video streaming on some matches and very large offer of events in live betting. Own article about Betfair on Wikipedia you can read here.

Registrations and accounts

Registration is easy and provided by Betfair in 18 languages. When you want to bet any sports event, which is based in Australia you will need to transfer your money to your Australian account. For withdrawal from this account you will need to pass KYC control. What is KYC? KYC stands for:"know your customer", so you need to send to your bookmaker copy of your ID card and copy of invoice with your address. It is because of some Betfair problems with Tasmanian goverment. Betfair is now fully licensed in Australia.


Deposits are easy and automated. You can deposit with credit card if Betfair operate in your country. Some countries are prohibited. You can also use bank transfer, but in most countries domestic transfer is not available, so here you can pay additional fees to your bank. Minimal deposit for Moneybookers is 10 Pounds. You can also use Neteller or Paypal in some countries. Betfair still prohibits some countries that PayPal already allowed to send from and also to receive money to. The reason is not known.


Sure bet is created by odds move. Betfair is very good for creating sure bets, because of high payout. If you are interested in this topic you can read article Arbitrage betting on our server or you can check easier article on Wikipedia. You created sure bet when you have sure profit on every possible outcome of the betting market. Check one example of sure bet:
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Minimal stake is 2 Pounds of liability. Betfair offers really wide range of live betting, but non in-play offer is not big enough. Level of payout is high, because of betting exchange, but you can not create any multiple bets with this odds. Betfair offer also multiple bets, but they are not very popular on Betfair. Informations about back and lay you can find on very good flash animations on Betfair web site. Simply: Back is what you can do in any bookmaker, bet on win of any sport cup for example. Lay is when you think that this club will not win, you can offer odds, for which you want to sell this bet. And than you will know if someone accepted your bet. F.e.:In match Madrid – Barcelona you will LAY Madrid at odd 1.5 for € 100. Than if Madrid win you lose € 50. If Barcelona win or there is a draw you will win € 100 – any little commission. For more BetFair offer to you very good statistics of your bets(Z&Z) and forums, where you can speak with other traders. System is very intuitive.


Withdrawals are one of the best on the market. When you have money on BF Australian account you need to pass KYC (mentioned above), otherwise you can withdraw immediately. Betfair withdrawals via Moneybookers are paid out approximately in 6hours also in weekend. Bank transfers don´t is of course not that fast if it is non domestic transfer. International bank wire takes up to 5 bussines days + while Betfair accept it. Betfair is very serious with withdrawal and dont have problems. Poker and betfair games are operated by Betfair´s software, so it does not require any special delay to have your winnings confirmed for withdrawal.


Befair offers to you bonus as cash back up to 25 British pounds or equiv. in another currencies. More about this Betfair bonus you can find on Betfair.com .
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