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Puerto Rico vs. Argentina - Preview

 This match will determine which team will win the Marchand Continental Cup tournament that takes place just a few days before the Panamerican Basketball Championship will begin in Venezuela.

Both Argentina and Puerto Rico have 3 wins in their 3 matches so far facing the other teams that participate (Canada, Brazil and Dominican Republic) but it is Puerto Rico that is considered the favorite to win the match. However they didn’t impress that much so far and despite having several players that are well known worldwide (Barrea, Aroyo, Ayuso, Balkman and Santiago) they didn’t win any of the matches easily since they don’t seem to care about defense that much but they rely a lot on the several scoring abilities of their players. After all most of them are way over 30 so forcing them to play defense and in a friendly tournament is not such an easy task.

Argentina on the other hand ,despite being the underdog tonight, has dominated in all the matches they have played so far. There are many important absences for Julio Lamas and only Luis Scola is the one attending from the “big” names in the national squad. He is the number one threat for the opponents defenses and causes two or more players to guard him leaving open space for the team’s shooters beyond the arc. No wonder that they have 34/69 three points shots so far and I think that same case scenario will happen in this match as well.

I will avoid trying to predict the outcome of the match and instead I will bet for over 153.5 points expecting both sides to continue to score a lot and since both of them have more than 80 points average and don’t focus so much on their defense another high scoring match is to be expected!

Over 153.5 points @ 1.83 Stake: 4/4

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Author: megapoxy     
From: Indonesia indonesia
Result: OK
Author win: 3.32 points
Result maker: tullamore
Date of play: 27.08.2013
Betting office: Pinnaclesports
Category: Basketball
Date and time added: 26.08.2013 at 00:28
Match starts at 02:30 hour.

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