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New York Rangers(-1.5ah) vs. Washington Capitals - Preview

Game 7.Washington already had two match points to finished the seria.They lost first in New York and than in Washington 3-4 in match where Rangers scored 4 goals from not so many shots.Also,team score power play goal and these are all good signs that they will progress.Anyway,for me they have better team.Washington have fantastic thrio Ovechkin,Kuznetsov,Bacstroom but they were stopped in last two games.Rangers play better in transition,i rated Lindquist like a better goalie than Holtby.True,Holtby know to be fantastic but for his confidence could be bad the fact he recieved 4 goals in previous match.I expekt from this guy to drop somewhere,if not tonight i do not know where and to recieved many goals.New York Rangers are my favourite and i take them with full stake for this crucial match.

Home win @ 2.96 Stake: 4/4

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Author: Deksiiii     
From: Bar, Yugoslavia yugoslavia
Result: KO
Author lose: 4 points
Result maker: Samson87
Date of play: 14.05.2015
Betting office: Pinnaclesports
Category: Ice Hockey
Date and time added: 13.05.2015 at 23:05
Match starts at 01:30 hour.

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