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Rembang vs. Pro Titan - Preview

Another time that the odds seem to be quite wrong considering a match that takes place in Indonesia. First of all Rembang is by no means a better team than Pro Titan, they have no motive left for this season and their only advantage but ok a big factor for teams here is home ground advantage. However the biggest mistake is not on the 1x2 odds but mostly in under/over ones and I shall explain why. The visitors are a team that mostly relies on their defense, they have conceded only 7 goals the whole season with only 3 of them on the road (2nd best in the league behind the undisputed champions and league leaders Semen Padang) and despite facing a team that was involved in really high scoring matches in the past they will try to play their own way so it would be much easier to take a positive result (really strange odds for the draw btw reminds of a hockey game or something) and increase their chances of finishing to the top 4 teams that will sort of be promoted to the merged league next season along with teams from the Super League. Pro Titan will also have to play their second back to back match on the road so in order to avoid fatigue as times passes by they will try to “freeze” the match and not to allow their hosts to turn it into a “rodeo”.

After the mini break the two teams have completely different results in the 3 matches they have played so far, Rembang hasn’t even managed to score a goal losing against Semen and Persepar losing both of them while they won 0-3 without a fight (one of the many “walkovers” this season in Indonesian Premier League) against Persibo. On the contrary the guests have 2 wins and a draw conceding just one goal. In addition to that we should take under consideration that Pro Duta’s only away match with 3 or more goals was the one against Persema on Saturday (quite a weak team) with all of those goals scored after the 87th minute (0-3 the final score).

A much safer bet would be under 3 or X2 but none of those options are available in bookies that can be posted here (or at least not yet) so I am going with a more daring option with quite high odds.

Under 2.5 goals @ 2.42 Stake: 4/4

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Author: megapoxy     
From: Indonesia indonesia
Result: OK
Author win: 5.68 points
Result maker: megapoxy
Date of play: 27.06.2013
Betting office: Bet365
Category: Soccer
Date and time added: 26.06.2013 at 22:32
Match starts at 10:30 hour.

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