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Gresik -2.75 A.H vs. PSPS Pekanbaru - Preview

 Gresik is in really good condition and that happened after losing their leading scorer Barreto getting very good results about top teams in the league and a very crucial away win in the last round against Pelita almost ensure that they will not be involved in any relegation scenarios. The team spirit is high and it seems that overall in this season they had a great start, will have a great finish but they were really awful in the middle (had 10+ matches without a win reaching the relegation zone for 2-3 rounds before "waking up" again). The new coach and the new players that came (and started contributing from day one becoming starters most of them) are mostly responsible for their transformation recently so now they aim to finish the race as high as possible and set the bar even higher the forthcoming season. For this match they have an extra motive to revenge the visitors for the 2-0 defeat in the first round when they were completely out of form.
The key news however is for the visitors. You are all aware I guess about the haze that is over Riau (Pekanbaru hometown that is), well apart from the fact that it prevents the players from having normal training it also postponed their scheduled departure and flight from Pekanbaru to Gresik. So 16 players (to avoid extra cost in tickets accommodation food etc) of the away team left on Friday night (without even the coach that is absent officially due to family issues) with the destination to be not Gresik but Jakarta, they are about to spend the night here and travel to Gresik by plane on Saturday morning just a few hours before the match will start. That has happened one more time in the past, when traveling to Lamongan and playing against Persela with the final score 9-1! Also because of that delay they missed the chance to have a normal training after a long time (they would reach Gresik by Friday morning that was the plan at least) so their stamina level must be even worse and it is already in a low level since the young players that are the majority of a roster struggle to perform well during the whole 90 minutes (in their last away match against Persepam they hardly passed the midfield line in the second half and God knows how this match ended just 3-0 for the hosts).

Home win @ 1.80 Stake: 4/4

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Author: megapoxy     
From: Indonesia indonesia
Result: OK
Author win: 3.2 points
Result maker: megapoxy
Date of play: 29.06.2013
Betting office: Bet365
Category: Soccer
Date and time added: 29.06.2013 at 04:29
Match starts at 10:30 hour.

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