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CHINA over 1.5 vs. JORDAN - Preview

China did a great job against kuwait. China attacked right after the whistle was blown till the end of the match.Looking at the match , china should scored even more goals, but foolish play by defender ren hang got him a red card and that slowed down the match. But clinch a good 3-1 victory.


As i mentioned in earlier Chinese pick, football industry is booming in china.The leagues are doing really well.China, generally speaking wants to make a mark in every aspect globally.These friendly matches happening will be taken seriously since , these are standard matches for them other than the asian football cups.They will enter the match with clear intention of winning it since there are no competitive matches in another 8 matches in 3 months.


Jordan looks better than china , but looking at chinese team , they look fast and dangerous with their counter attacks.Most of the players in chinese team are enjoying and playing well in their clubs.Jordan playing away looks more like defensive centred team than pulling the kill switch.


They lost previous matches to Colombia and Uzbekistan 3-0 and 2-0 respectively.Too much travelling for jordan team , been to south american in june and last week in Tashkent , more important the results were bitter.


Now china team has got a very good support from the crowd , i think good crowd will show after seeing their country do well in the last match.At this point the away team performance might help thusbet since i believe it will tough playing in china and taming the chinese players.


I think opposition team looks good for china to score some goals today.Good to go for china win for good odds but i feel more safe for goals scored.


So my pick CHINA GOALS over 1.5@2.15:marathonbet

Over 1.5 @ 2.15 Stake: 4/4

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Author: madrocky     
From: BANGALORE , India india
Result: KO
Author lose: 4 points
Result maker: Samson87
Date of play: 09.09.2014
Betting office: Marathonbet
Category: Soccer
Date and time added: 09.09.2014 at 07:51
Match starts at 12:35 hour.

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