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QATAR -0.5 vs. LEBANON - Preview

This is a friendly match between Qatar and Lebanon.


Qatar no doubt a better team than Lebanon.


Lebanon are playing an international match after 6 months.And moreover its against a good mild east team qatar. Qatar will look forward for more offensive match rather than their previous matches.


Because they will be playing Australia and Korea in their friendlies yet to come in this month. These two teams will be totally different for qatar since Aussie and korea are certainly different in the game play and pace when compared to mild eastern teams.


Qatar before entering the gulf cup, they will have to go through the two friendlies , certainly not with a bad result.


Lebanon ,after a long gap and on going crisis situation will have low morale to play a well organised team.Qatar will try to bolster their attack for the coming matches .I think lebanon can be exploited by Qatar at home.


With home advantage and with very good performance in last 15 matches ,against a weak and not so experienced team, i feel good go for Qatar s win.


My pick Qatar -0.5 @1.75 : pinnaclesports




Home win @ 1.75 Stake: 4/4

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Author: madrocky     
From: BANGALORE , India india
Result: OK
Author win: 3 points
Result maker: madrocky
Date of play: 09.10.2014
Betting office: Pinnaclesports
Category: Soccer
Date and time added: 09.10.2014 at 12:36
Match starts at 16:30 hour.

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