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Djokovic vs. Nadal - Preview

 Djokovic showed glimpses of what he is capable of in this match when he got better of Federer in Semi Final. He allowed Swiss ace, to get first break to find out how the living legend responds to some of the current Nr 1 shots.  He broke back soon and in once again later to close first set. @nd set started with 0-3 and here Djokovic showed real form by breaking to 0. He needed longer matches here before to try all his shots and tactics in windy conditions, in more normal ones, also to get into best possible fitness. Unlikely last year he was not at his best before start of RG, so he needed time and matches to get it back (to some or full extent is unclear). Match vs Federer showed that he wanted just finish it as soon as possible with not pushing himself too much in the same time. Most amazing was his play when he needed to get back into the lead. I think that he is now well rested and ready for a fight vs Nadal who himself is back to great form (or just Djokovic has been not as great during clay swing this year as last year). Nadal matches were very easy, but it were opponents who seemed to didn’t care after losing first set. All of them had their chances in first set (maybe except Ferrer who really didn’t care whole match).

I won’t recall all their matches from the past as some were really epic ones. I think Djokovic is in very good form and can’t be underestimated here as he is by odds. I can’t pick a winner is it is unclear to me whether Djokovic got real form back to the degree he can beat Nadal. I think it will go to the distance here. Top 1 schuold show he can match Nadal here, if it is enough to win in that 5th set remains to be seen.

I think it will be really interesting match. 

Over 4.5 sets @ 4.33 Stake: 4/4

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Author: koliopp     
From: Poland poland
Result: OK
Author win: 13.32 points
Result maker: TomasS
Date of play: 10.06.2012
Betting office: Sportingbet
Category: Tennis
Date and time added: 10.06.2012 at 00:50
Match starts at 15:00 hour.

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