Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Are you a football fan looking for some betting tips? Are you a sports gambler looking for the hottest football predictions fresh off the press?

World Picks is a great place to find the best free football betting tips and predictions that can help you hit the back of the net.

Latest Football Betting Tips

Stay ahead of the pack with expert football tips and advice. Browse the latest and greatest football betting tips from World Picks and take your pick today!

Football Leagues and Competitions

World Picks covers a wide range of football leagues and competitions from multiple countries all over the world.

These include some of the biggest European and international leagues such as La Liga, Liga NOS and Brazil Serie A.

Take a look around the website or get in touch with the team to check if World Picks takes bets on your chosen football league.

La Liga Predictions

Are you a football gambler who enjoys betting on La Liga, the premier football league in Spain?

If you love betting on Spanish football, you have come to the right place. At World Picks, you can keep up with hot La Liga predictions and find the best places to bet on all your favourite teams, including Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

Liga NOS Predictions

Also known as Primeira Liga, Liga NOS is the top professional football tournament of Portugal.

Fans of Portuguese teams including FC Porto can keep up with all of the latest Liga NOS predictions and developments at World Picks.

Brazil Serie A Predictions

Also known as Brasileiro, Brazil Serie A is the premier professional football competition of Brazil, a country known for some of the best football in the world.

At World Picks, you can stay ahead of the curve and get Brazil Serie A betting predictions fresh out of the oven.

Best Football Betting Sites

Looking for a reliable sportsbook site to place bets on tournament football from around the world? No matter what you’re looking for in a football betting site, World Picks can assist you in finding your ideal football sportsbook.

Browse our selection of the top World Pick picks of the best football betting sites available online today.


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Understanding Football Predictions

It is essential that you fully understand the basics of football predictions and sports betting before placing any real money wagers, no matter how confident a football expert you may be.

Take a quick look at some of the basic sportsbook phrases that you will need to get familiar with before placing any bets.

Football Odds

To put it simply, odds dictate probability – or how likely it is for any given event is to take place.

In football betting, odds usually dictate how likely it is (and how much money a player will win from a wager) for any predicted result to occur.

This result could be anything from a certain team beating another team to correctly predicting the first goal scorer or the final score.

Betting Markets

Basically, a betting market is a specific sub-section of betting category. A betting market is essentially a betting niche.

Players may choose to bet in a wide variety of betting markets within any given football match or football tournament.

Some betting markets are more profitable than others, so it is crucial that you can understand different betting markets before placing any cash wagers.

Football Bookie

Bookmakers accept bets and pay out bets from punters. A football bookie refers to a bookmaker who works in the sport of football.

Football bookies take bets on football matches and pay out winnings to lucky punters.

All bets advertised by a bookmaker must have clearly displayed odds agreed upon before wagering.

Football Tipster

A tipster is someone who dishes out betting tips and predictions to other gamblers. Many football tipsters are genuine, while some are not.

Tipsters tend to work on odds calculation and industry insight, and they sometimes take a percentage of any winnings earned from their tips.

Football tipsters specialize in football betting, and a genuine tipster can help players to make more informed wagers with better odds.

Betting Stake

In straightforward terms, the betting ‘stake’ is the bet value, or the total bet wager. For example, a £10 stake would equal a £10 bet.

A stake could also be described as the ‘risk’ value of the game, or the measure of how much financial weight is being thrown around with each wager.

High stakes football betting is usually associated with high risk gambling and big payouts, while betting on football for low stakes is often considered as far less risky for the player and is more associated with casual sports betting.

Live vs. Pre-Live

Pre-match betting refers to placing a bet well before kickoff and attempting to successfully predict the result. Live betting refers to placing bets during the match and in the heat of the moment.

Every player is different, and some football gamblers may decide to place their wager well ahead of time while others will wait until the whistle is blown.

The main advantage of live betting is the fact that gamblers may be able to keep up with changing odds better and the match progresses, rather than relying on pre-dictated odds.

Latest Football Betting Guides

Kick off your football sportsbook education with expert football betting guides from the World Picks team.

Check out the latest football betting guides from World Picks now and teach yourself a thing or two about betting on the beautiful game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sportsbook betting can be confusing at the best of times, but none more so than for newcomers to the sportsbook betting world.

If you are a sportsbook beginner or even a seasoned sports gambler in need of a helping hand, World Picks has got your back.

Take a closer look at some frequently asked questions received by the team.

Who are the best football betting tipsters in the world?

All football betting tipsters are different. The best way to find the best football tipster for you is to shop around and try out some football tips in action.

Because there is always an element of risk and chance associated with sports gambling, tips can never be relied upon 100%.

However, a good football tipster should be able to point you in the right direction the majority of the time, even if they tip you with a dud every now again.  A bad football tipster will continually tip you with duds, consistently pointing you in the wrong direction.

World Picks is a great place to find reliable football betting tips from expert tipsters who know the beautiful game of football like the back of their hand. Try out our tips and see for yourself.

What is a good expected return-on-investment for football betting?

Usually, the acceptable ROI (Return of Investment) percentage for football betting is considered between approximately 2% and 10%. Anything within this boundary is pretty good.

Any football bet with an ROI percentage above 10% is considered excellent.  Like any form of gambling, football bets with higher ROI rates tend to carry higher risks and offer bigger payouts.

It can be tricky to make a profit when gambling, especially on football, the odds of which can fluctuate wildly from minute to minute.

How to make sure a football bookie pays your earnings?

There are all kinds of measures (including debt collection) that bookies can take against players who have failed to pay up owed wagers. However, players who find themselves in the opposite position (where a dodgy football bookie fails to pay out winnings) may feel powerless.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your bookie always pays up. These include always going with a fully licensed and legitimate sportsbook site that you know you can trust.

You may decide to take action against sites or bookies that are fraudulently collecting bets without paying wagers. But the best thing to do is always stick with reputable bookies that you know will pay out.

If you are looking for a legitimate football bookmaker, World Picks can help you to meet your match.

How to choose a reliable online sports betting website?

The best way to choose a reliable online sports betting website is to do your research, or use a site like World Picks to do your research for you.

By checking out a sportsbook website’s reputation with the players, use of software, licensing status and betting range, you should be able to quickly gauge whether or not you can rely on the platform.

World Picks can assist you in finding reputable, reliable and trustworthy sports betting sites where you can enjoy gambling on your favourite sports without having to worry about safety, security or legitimacy.