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Latest La Liga Betting Tips

World Picks is the best place to find La Liga betting tips online. If you are interested in Spanish football and you’re looking for La Liga betting tips to really help you hit the back of the net, World Picks can point you in the right direction.

Whether your team is Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or otherwise, World Picks can help you to keep up with the best betting tips and odds.

Browse the latest La Liga betting tips now.

Popular La Liga Games

Keep up with all of the action as it happens and get predictions and tips for the most popular La Liga games at World Picks.

From super-club clashes to traditional national derbies, World Picks is the best place to keep up with every La Liga match as it happens.

Bet on the big three Spanish teams Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and gain a La Liga advantage at the sportsbook.

You can also keep up with the latest action and iconic La Liga fixtures featuring teams including Valencia, Levante, Villareal, Sociedad, Sevila, Eibar, Alaves, Mallorca, Celta Vigo, Real Betis, Espanyol, Getafe and Granada.

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

For the majority of sports pundits, tipsters and bookies, Barcelona is the top tipped team to take the win this year, with Real Madrid holding the second highest odds. Keep up with this high octane match at World Picks.

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

As the team tipped as third most likely to win La Liga, Atletico Madrid could give Real Madrid a run for their money on the pitch. Keep up with the action and keep rooting for your favourite at World Picks.

Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid

Keep your eyes on the prize and stay ahead of the game with World Picks, where you can enjoy making wagers on the bookies’ favourites Barcelona in their much anticipated showdown with Atletico Madrid for the La Liga crown.

Best La Liga Betting Sites

Looking to put your money where your mouth is and place some bets on La Liga?

World Picks can recommend some high quality betting sites providing all the best La Liga action with the hottest odds.

Take a look at our pick of the best La Liga betting sites to place wagers with this year.


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Understanding La Liga Predictions

Before placing any bets online, it is crucial that you fully understand the ins and outs of sportsbook gambling including how predictions work.

Even if you are a certified Spanish football super-fan or La Liga expert, it is still essential that you make sure you are familiar with the lingo of sports betting predictions before making any cash wagers.

Check out the World Picks guide to some of the basics of La Liga betting predictions, including odds, bookies, betting markets, tipsters and betting stakes.

La Liga Odds

So, what are odds? Basically, odds are a measure of probability. Odds dictate the likelihood of any given event, result or outcome.

‘Good’ odds usually dictate that something is likely to happen, whilst ‘bad’ odds imply that the event is highly unlikely to occur.

When it comes to betting on football and La Liga, betting odds are used by gamblers to measure the likelihood of match results and the potential profitability of individual bets and wider betting markets.

Betting Markets

A betting market could be described as a betting pathway, or betting ‘niche’. Betting markets are like betting categories, and each La Liga match will feature multiple potential betting markets.

Sportsbook gamblers may decide to bet upon multiple betting markets at the same time to increase their chances of profit.

It is worth doing a little research into the odds of different markets to gauge potential profitability before making any La Liga wagers.

La Liga Bookie

La Liga bookies are sports bookmakers who take La Liga bets and pay out winnings to punters. Any bet offered by a sports bookie should have odds clearly defined before wagering.

La Liga Tipster

A football tipster is an individual or company who provides sportsbook gamblers with betting tips and predictions. A La Liga tipster specializes in providing betting tips specifically related to La Liga fixtures.

Betting Stake

To put it in basic terms, a betting stake is the value of a wager, or the price of a bet. To make a simple example, a £1 stake is the same as a £1 bet, or wager. High stakes La Liga bets are more risky but offer higher potential profitability.

Live vs. Pre-Live Pre-live La Liga betting is making a wager before kickoff, and is based on correctly predicting results. Live La Liga betting is based on reacting to action and placing bets after the first whistle.

Latest La Liga Betting Guides

Benefit from expert advice and insight from the World Picks team into every aspect of online sports betting.

Take a closer look at the latest World Picks La Liga betting guides now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to learn more about La Liga?

To find out more about sports betting and La Liga odds, take a look around the World Picks website or get in touch with a member of the team today.

Take a look at some of the frequently asked La Liga questions received by the team:

Who is the most likely La Liga 19/20 winner according to the bookies?

The beauty of sports betting is that nothing is certain – it is always impossible to predict the outcome of a football tournament. However, by comparing the various odds offered by sportsbook sites and bookmakers, we can make an educated guess as to who is most likely to take home the win.

For the 2019/2020 La Liga season, the team predicted as most likely to win the tournament is tipped by the bookies as Barcelona, one of the ‘big three’ of Spanish football.

According to the bookies, Barcelona is closely followed by Real Madrid (who hold the second highest odds in the tournament) and then Atletico Madrid, who are tipped in the third most likely position.

If you are going on the odds of the bookies, the team least likely to win the 2019/2020 La Liga is Leganes.

Should I bet pre-live or live during my favourite La Liga games?

It is totally up to you whether you decide to place wagers pre-live or live on La Liga matches, however the majority of bookies and betting platforms will predominantly offer pre-live betting options.

Pre-live betting tends to be more calculated and odds-based, whilst in-match live betting tends to be more impulsive and reactionary. There are benefits to both live and pre-live betting, and whichever you choose should reflect your motivation and gambling style.

Whether you decide to place your La Liga wager before or after kick-off, World Picks can assist you in finding a suitable sportsbook platform to accommodate your bet.

Do I need to live in Spain to bet on La Liga matches?

The good news is that you don’t have to live in Spain to place bets on all of your favourite La Liga matches.

This means that Spanish football fans living all over the world can enjoy betting on La Liga, even if they aren’t close enough to attend the matches themselves.

To find some reliable sports betting platforms where you can place wagers on La Liga and other Spanish football tournaments in your current country of residence, get in touch with the World Picks team today.

We can recommend sportsbook sites providing access to La Liga fixtures in multiple countries around the world.

How to find the best sports betting odds for La Liga 19/20?

If you are after the best La Liga betting odds on the market, there are a number of ways that you can make sure you are getting the best deal at the bookies.

It is always advisable to do a bit of window shopping before placing any wagers. What might seem like great odds can be exposed as terrible when compared with those offered at another betting platform.

There are plenty of odds comparison websites out there where you can take a detailed look at odds breakdowns and comparisons before deciding which platform to place your bet with.

If you don’t have the time to do the research yourself, sites like World Picks can point you in the right direction of some reputable betting platforms which offer great odds as standard.

We can also assist you with La Liga betting tips and offer expert insight into La Liga odds and where to find the best odds on the market.