Proven Football Betting Systems that Work

Football betting systems are strategies that are applied by sportsbook gamblers in order to enhance efficiency and supposedly increase their edge (or advantage) over the bookmaker.

What is a football betting system?

Football betting systems may include betting processes, odds-based formulas or betting styles. They range from highly conservative and cautious in nature to aggressive and loose.

All football betting systems are designed to give the gambler more control over the bookie and increase their chances of making a profit.

Because effective football betting systems basically enable gamblers to guarantee profit, bookmakers are constantly shifting the balance to scupper new systems and protect themselves from damaging betting strategies.

Football betting systems that work

While there are countless football betting systems out there, many are ineffective and far from sure-fire. Because bookmakers are so defensive against betting systems, there are only two or three that really cut the mustard and have been proven to work.

Take a look at this quick World Picks guide to some common football betting systems that have been proven to work. Take your football betting strategy to the next level….

Matched Betting

Matched betting is the most popular football betting system. This relatively simple and easy to apply strategy has been proven to work time and time again.

Matched betting allows players to bet for and against an outcome, ensuring profit in the process.

Matched betting is relatively free of risk, and it allows for big potential payouts. It works like this – a gambler will back a bet and then lay it, which basically means that they are 100% guaranteed a profit, whatever the profit or outcome – heads you win, tails you win.

Lay betting basically allows you to act as both bookie and gambler, so you can back a bet and then lay it off, essentially backing the bet both ways. This strategy works best with bonuses and promos that offer players free bets.

Odds Trading

While lay betting allows you to act as bookmaker for your own bets, sports bet trading is another effective system that pretty much guarantees profit with minimal hassle for football sportsbook gamblers.

Players may choose to access betting exchanges. Where they can buy and sell betting odds with other traders on the market. Betting exchanges are highly profitable, and any football gambler looking to increase their efficiency should take a look into bet trading.

Betting exchanges are the best place to find the hottest odds, which can inform your own gambling. You may also choose to buy or sell your own odds to other players and traders.

The Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a pretty complicated bankroll management system that is used by many sportsbook gamblers and is often applied to effective football betting systems.

Although it is not as accessible or sure-fire as matched betting systems and odds trading, the Kelly Criterion is still a handy and effective betting system that is worth looking into for any football gambler.

As we said, the Kelly Criterion is fairly complicated, and it can be pretty difficult to get your head around unless you’re mathematics whizz. The system basically amps up the value of each bet by using a calculated method to gauge budget percentage. Confused?

Don’t worry. This system is not as inaccessible as it may first appear. The Kelly Criterion basically works on the principle that a player is able to calculate their edge before placing a high value bet.

If they have a poor edge or no edge at all, the gambler would refrain from making a wager, thus eliminating risk and saving their playing budget for a more profitable opportunity.

Once you have got the formula down, this system can work a treat. However, it is not without its downfalls. The main negative point of the Kelly Criterion (aside from its relative inaccessibility) is the fact that large stakes are usually required in order to boost profit potential.

This can lock players on a more modest budget out of the system, and put off high rollers who are unfamiliar with the formula.

Another big disadvantage to the Kelly Criterion is the fact that much of the probability applied to the formula is determined by the gambler – this means that if a gambler misses the spot and makes a mistake when they are figuring out probability, the whole system will break down.

While the formula itself is fairly failsafe, the margin for human error is high with the Kelly Criterion. This means that this system would probably work best for expert football gamblers who use insight and odds rather than impulse or affiliation when making wagers.

If used as part of a conservative and cautious football betting strategy, the Kelly Criterion has been proven as effective.

Value Betting

Value Betting is a loosely termed betting strategy that is successfully applied by many football sportsbook gamblers. When applied to a focused football betting system, value betting can be very effective.

Value betting is fairly subjective in that it is based on the punter’s own individual perception of probability, just like the Kelly Criterion. In this sense value bet strategies only really work when used by expert players who have an informed and accurate perception of football probability.

Basically, a value bet is any bet that a punter believes has been ‘underestimated’ by the bookie. If a punter feels that a bet has been given considerably lower odds than it deserves, they may be able to expose the bookmaker’s mistake and turn this into an opportunity for personal profit.

Bonus Betting

While not strictly a football system, bonus betting is a common betting strategy that is used by gamblers across every niche. Bonus betting is just as useful for football sportsbook players, who can make money from betting platforms and football results without having to cash in or make any wagers.

To put it simply, bonus betting is a simple tactic that is used by football gamblers in which they seek out free bets and bonuses, which can be used to generate profit from sportsbook sites.

These days, the vast majority of sports betting sites provide new users with a welcome bonus when they sign up, which usually includes some kind of freebie, free wager or wager boost bonus. By signing up with multiple sportsbook sites, players are able to access multiple free welcome bets at once.

As well as the obligatory free welcome bonus, players will also be entitled to other free bonuses, reloads and top-up bonuses, which can all lead to pure profit without cashing in.

Different sports betting sites provide their users with bonus packages of varying quality,  so if you are applying bonus betting to your football betting system, it is best to do some window shopping before choosing a platform to place bonus bets with.

Always make sure that you read up on the wagering requirements and terms and conditions associated with any sportsbook bonus. If you are unfamiliar with a sportsbook site, always ensure that you have done your research before wagering.

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